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Our Popular Designs are available in
tempered glass cutting boards in two sizes.
They are so pretty they can do double duty
as hot plates or serving platters


All our products feature the artwork of
Contemporary American Artist Julie A Medow

Medow creates two dimensional mixed media pieces on archival paper, canvas and board, using acrylic paint, pencil and textured collage layers. She works in a semi-abstract syle. "In each design I am attempting to create the essence or spirit of the subject." She uses these images, along with her water media illustrations to create these glass pieces, sublimating the images with permanent dyes into a polymer coating which is baked onto the tempered glass.

"My husband Steve and I hand print each piece in our studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico using all USA materials."

Beautiful and Functional!

Care of glass pieces: The glass pieces are made of tempered glass and coated with UV resistant polymer. The print is heat transferred using archival inks. Glass does not harbor bacteria so it's not necessary to submerge the glass in water. Wipe clean using a soft cloth and a mild soap. Do not use anything abrasive on the back or edges of the glass.

Guarantee: If you notice a problem or defect with in 30 days of purchase we will work with you to replace the item or resolve the issue. We are not responsible for mishandling. The only thing we ask is that you return the item at your expense. Please contact customer service.

We can also do custom and corporate gifts.

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